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The Process

Your dream home, off-site manufactured

The Process

You have several options to get in touch with us.Via mobile phone, E-mail, Facebook messenger, or just book in a meeting and meet us at our office at 210/29 Kiora Road, Miranda NSW. In order to receive a complete and reliable quote, please provide us with:

1. Existing architectural plans, elevations and cross-sections.

2. Location of your project

3. The date when your are planning to implement your project

Send us an e-mail to

The choice of the house design can be based on a off the plan design with the possibility of its adaptation or an individual design by our partnering architects or an architect of your choice . Deciding on the latter, it will be necessary to carefully analyze the client's needs and preferences to clarify the offer and estimate the value of the home.

All documents signed with our company are prepared on the basis of the local state legislation. The contract precisely determines the scope of construction works and defines the terms and conditions of payment.

In the case of choosing an off the plan design, it is adapted in terms of prefab construction as well as  adaptation to energy - saving technology and adaptation to the plot of land it will be built on. . After applying all changes, our partnering architects can also provide services to obtain a building permit. By choosing an individual project, the client receives a functional layout of the house, developed by our partners, preliminary elevations, on the basis of which the main aspects of the project are discussed. Afterwards we prepare a design  model that allows you to verify the design concept and make additional modifications . We provide advice and are available to the client during the entire project development phase . After accepting the changes , the project is developed to obtain a building permit.

Implementation of your project - Parallel to the construction of the slab, our architects are preparing the final project in three-dimensional technology , defining all the details necessary for the correct production of the prefab elements (prefabricated elements ). The innovative 3D CAD / CAM program used by the engineers allows us to prepare a fully professional project along with assembly and workshop documentation as well as a list of materials needed for its implementation . The software used generates and transmits codes (machine files) to a CNC machine tool and a multi-purpose bridge, which enables the prefabrication process to be carried out with an accuracy of 1 mm.

Your House elements and all materials included in the quote are loaded onto 40 ft containers and transported directly yo your construction site by the transport company.
We are working with experienced customs brokers to ensure safe delivery of your elements.

7. Installation.
Prefabricated elements are assembled efficiently by your choice of qualified local builders until lock up stage, or you can DIY as an owner builder.
The remainder of the build can also be done by your builders of choice.