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Technical details

Your dream home, off-site manufactured

Technical details


We are using a professional CAD program for designing wooden structures called SEMA, where even the smallest details of the house' s construction are provided. At that stage, conduits and space for both electrical and water/sewage systems are planned, in order to limit the work on the construction site to the minimum.

From the structural engineer's design, which has to be approved by the client and the architect, the house design transfers directly to the control computer of the HUNDEGGER K2 carpentry processing center, which cuts out the walls, ceilings and roof, element by element with an accuracy of one millimeter. According to the designer's drawings, the finished elements are joined together, filled with insulation material and finished with panels, the frames are fitted with windows. Only a layer of glue and mesh as a base for the application of façade plaster and so prepared prefabricates leave the factory and set off to the construction site, where the whole building is assembled on the prepared foundation slab in a few days.


Symatic technology based on KVH structural timber and the highest quality materials, provides practically unlimited possibilities of building houses.

*Since every project is manufactured and planned individually, materials used can differ from the photos below. We offer a more cost effective variant as well as a more sustainable variant, where only ecological materials are being used, for instance wood fibre insulation instead of polystyrene.