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Advantages of a Passive House2019-02-01

In two years, the goal in Europe will be to stop building traditional homes, according to the the European Union, which announced that from 2020 all homes will have to be built in passive technology. Almost zero energy consumption, care for the environment, large savings - these are just examples of benefits that will come with that change, why not benefit from these clear advantages in Australia?

Cheap operation

Passive houses are characterized by an extremely low demand for thermal energy, which is only 15 kWH / sq m / year, which means that we consume 1.5 m3 of natural gas per m2 of house area per year. Gas, coal and oil prices increase regularly, while heating costs absorb the most money from our home budget. According to numerous studies and statistics, heating and water bills account for 80% of all costs related to the operation of the building. Passive houses are, therefore, 80% cheaper to maintain than traditional homes in which the vast majority of Australians live.These costs can be even lower if you decide on a solar-battery system that will provide you with electricity.

Home for many years

Passive construction requires adherence to strict rules and standards that make it possible to create a home that is extremely energy-efficient. This means that passive houses are distinguished by an extremely stable construction, while the materials used for their construction correspond to those available on the market in the highest quality. All of their elements fit together perfectly, and the precision of construction and finishing contributes to many years of trouble-free operation. Everything fits together perfectly, creating a whole that retains its original state for many years.

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