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About us

Your dream home, off-site manufactured

About us

Our aim is to provide our clients with sustainable and advanced building solutions, while still being affordable and not having to compensate in regards to energy savings, design and overall comfort.

We supply superior building materials, wall/roof/floor panels as well as windows to our clients here in Australia and formed partnerships with architects and building designers in NSW, ACT as well as VIC and QLD.

Based on an advanced prefabrication process, the structural elements of the buildings are prodcued at state of the art factories in Europe using the most advanced technologies, with an accuracy of one millimetre. Prefabricated elements are transported from the factory via sea freight to the construction site, where, regardless of the season, they can be assembled on a previously prepared foundation slab. We insulate the panels with ecological insulation materials, prepare the roof and install the windows as well as the entry door at the factory.

With our combined experience of over 30 years in the construction industry we have implemented many interesting projects not only in European countries like Germany and Switzerland but also in South and middle America. We supply building elements for individual clients, but also for investors.